Multi-Sensory Flexible Skin -Material Science, Device Engineering, System and Data Science-



We strife to combine Material Science, Micro-/Nano Sensor Technology, Sensor Network System, Integration of Materials, and Robotics. A bendable, scalable multi-sensory skin will be developed. It has the ability of sensing directional tactile force, magnetic field, pressure, sound, distance, temperature, and heat flux at the same time. It uses the same basic structure and material for all sensory functions. It is expected to open up a large variety of not yet achievable research topics, such as for example safe physical human interaction machines, prosthetics with real sensory experience, human augmentations, remote experience, smart walls and furniture. Each of it could become a hot topic in the future to address pressing challenges in our society. We are sharing a common vision to combine science and engineering as well as fundamental and applied research, leading to new commercialized products and visible improvements to everyday life.








1.Creation of measurement method for mechanical properties of free standing thin film


New sample preparation methods to measure tensile properties developed:






2.Magnetic characterization of developed amorphous magnetic thin film”


Collaboration with Narita Lab (Environmental Engineering) allowing large size (few cm2) sample characterization to measure magnetic BH curve hence obtain the permeability versus field curve.



This device will be modified, adding a strain gauge, to obtain the strain dependency too.




3.“tactile measurement / system”