Bioiontoronics Engineering Based on Soft Moist Electrode Technologies

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The conventional metal-silicon devices (hard, dry, electronic) and biological systems (soft, wet, ionic) are essentially different. In order to eliminate this mismatching and create truly biocompatible medical devices, new field of “bio-iontoronic engineering” using soft/wet materials should be established.  This project is for realizing the hydrogel-based biocompatible devices that can be powered by enzyme reactions (biological power generation), which will be one of the research trend in 15 years. We will challenge to realize such “all-organic bio-iontronic devices” by collaboration of researchers in different fields (engineering, medical engineering, medicine) and the relating world’s top runners.









Totally Organic Bio-Iontophoresis Patch –  Commercialization starts from a standard model through flexible customizations –


1.1/29/2020 Press release(Tohoku University) ・Research Results

A group of Prof. Matsuhiko Nishizawa (FRiD) has developed a skin patch BIPP® with an enzyme-based bio-power generation mechanism in cooperation with Sun Arrow Co., Ltd. The iontophoresis patch, which induces a small electric current to the skin, will become popular for various purposes as daily necessities for home medicine and cosmetics .




a newspaper article(Nikkei) 2/16/2020

a TV program(Miyagi) 3/25/2020