Overview, Brochure


Modern society faces unprecedented changes due to the progress of globalization and accelerated advances in science and technology. In this dynamic situation, a shift of priorities is occurring in academic fields. In addition, with regard to global collaboration framework programs such as EU Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, etc., and academic discourse at national level regarding quantum technologies, AI, biotechnology, etc., joint projects are being carried out on a greater scale than before, and research aimed to solve social issues (e.g. SDGs) and high-risk, high-impact research programs for future creation of new academic value (e.g. Moonshot) is being conducted.

This program is based on the university’s academic diversity and international achievements, and it challenges us to be pioneers in world-leading research and emerging/interdisciplinary research based on the free and original ideas of ambitious researchers.




  • Eligible research

A research project that meets both of the following conditions is eligible for application:

1.  A research project that drives forward pioneering/interdisciplinary research in a cross- sectoral collaboration

2.  A research project whose topic will potentially become a trend in 10 to 15 years, or which is at an initial stage for the creation of an emerging idea.


  • Research group

The research group must be composed of two or three core researchers belonging to different departments.

The research group must partner with an overseas research institution(s) as a research collaborator(s).


  • Research period

5 years


  • Financial Support

Research expenses of 5 to 10 million yen per fiscal year will be provided.