Integration of structural & energy functionality through 3D printing and deep learning: Architectural design and device application of carbon microlattices

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Project Summary

The carbon microlattice (CML) is a full-carbon 3D microarchitecture fabricated by stereolithography 3D printing (SLA) and subsequent pyrolysis.

Employing CMLs as the central component, we demonstrate the structural battery, a rising concept which integrates structural components and energy devices.

We will develop deep learning-assisted algorithm for optimizing mechanical and electrochemical performances.

We also investigate the structures of amorphous carbon that composes CMLs and the electrochemical processes at an atomic scale by in-situ measurement with an aberration-corrected transmission/scanning transmission electron microscope.

Finally, we prototype the CML-based structural battery. Combining SLA, deep-learning and energy devices, the team will aim at founding a new research field “carbon microlattices for integration of structural and functional properties”.