Moonshot Goal 9
「Realization of a mentally healthy and dynamic society by increasing peace of mind and vitality by 2050.」


Project title
Child care commons:Proposing social infrastructure allowing others to substitute parental roles
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Project Manager

Chihiro Hosoda

Associate Professor, Graduate school of information science
Associate Professor, Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Tohoku University. Project Manager of moonshot research goal 9, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. She is one of the 252 principal investigators selected from universities and research institutes across Japan for the project to support the development of young researchers who will lead to the creation of "disruptive innovation" (JST Emergent Research Support), which was decided by the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. She has conducted research on methods for developing children's non-cognitive abilities using brain information, parent-child well-being, and optimal individualized learning and behavior change methods for adults.

Project Summary

This project aims to propose a Child Care Commons by clarifying the requirements for a system that allows diverse people to be involved in “child-rearing” flexibly and responsibly. We propose a system where everyone in society can voluntarily help raise children through the CCC.This system will increase people’s peace of mind and vitality in three positions: parents (caregivers), children being cared for, and non-relatives participating in child-rearing. We aim to create a society where each person feels fulfilled, and a diverse range of people can play an active role.

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