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Project title
Mitochondrial Medicine
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Project Manager

Takaaki ABE

Professor, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering / Graduate School of Medicine 
TA received medical training of Nephrology in Tohoku University. He developed a graduate school research in Kyoto University and isolated metabotropic glutamate receptor mGluR5. After that, with the support of JSPS and the Human Frontier Research Program, he moved to Harvard Medical School as a post-doctoral fellow. From 1997 with the support of JST (PRST), he started a research on uremic toxins and chronic kidney diseases (CKD) in Tohoku University. Now, TA found a new drug (MA-5) for mitochondrial diseases with the support of AMED. He also performed doctor-lead clinical trial of CKD, also supported with AMED. His research field is wide from gut microbiota to mitochondria, integrating to develop new remedies.

Project Summary

The aim of this project is to perform a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the “mitochondrial-gut flora association” to clarify the longevity and develop new remedies by making host mitochondria in good condition.

To achieve, we collect whole mitochondrial and gut data from humans and reveal the ”cause and effect” of microbiota and mitochondria in conditions associated with aging (Frail).  We aim to achieve healthy longevity by detecting mitochondrial dysfunction at an early stage by intervening and treating it by 2040.

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