Moonshot Goal 4
「Realization of sustainable resource circulation to recover the global environment by 2050.」


Project title
Development of Combined Carbon Capture and Conversion (quad-C) modules targeting low carbon dioxide concentration gases for balancing the global carbon budget
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Project Manager

Yasuhiro Fukushima

Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
When I was a student, I was interested in how much the research results of the researchers around me who devote themselves to cutting-edge technology development would be useful to society in the future. Since then, he has been working on technology development with domestic and overseas experimental groups, specializing in technology assessment such as process system design of new green technology based on chemistry, technology economic analysis, scenario analysis, examination of technology targets by breakeven analysis, and its society. It has served as a bridge to implementation. Graduated from Kawagoe High School, Saitama Prefecture in 1993. Obtained a doctorate (engineering) from the University of Tokyo in 2002. After teaching at the National University of Success (2004-2014, Taiwan), Tohoku University from 2014.

Project Summary

Conversion of CO2 in a gas mixture into some chemical products typically require three-step procedures: capture, release, and conversion. To reduce process energy requirement, we apply a streamlined concept (Combined Carbon Capture and Conversion, quad-C), in which the process system is intensified by making 1) the reactant concurrently serve as absorbent, or making 2) the catalyst concurrently serve as adsorbent. The captured CO2 attached to another player of reaction is subsequently subject to the catalytic conversion process, skipping the CO2 release procedure. In this project, we aim to establish an effective direct air capture (DAC) system applying the quad-C concept, by developing modules using CO2 permselective membrane, and Layered Double Oxide / Hydroxide switching columns. In addition to the quad-C concept, we explore modularized process system structures, that allow economically acceptable system design with excellent carbon budgets, depending on the variations in feed gas quality and available energy sources at the target sites. The systemwide performance will be monitored in the course of development, and ensured to be feasible and effective at the end of the project, using Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Assessments.

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