Moonshot Goal 3
「Realization of AI robots that autonomously learn, adapt to their environment, evolve in intelligence and act alongside human beings, by 2050.」


Project title
Self- Evolving AI Robot System for Lunar Exploration and Human Outpost Construction
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Project Manager

Kazuya Yoshida

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
He graduated from the School of Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1984, and completed his master’s degree in 1986 and obtained Doctor of Engineering in 1990. After working as an assistant professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and then as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he began working at Tohoku University in 1995, taking on his present post from 2003. His research fields are space robotics, dynamics and control of space robots, space exploration technology and the development of microsatellites. He has also been contributing to international education in space engineering as a visiting educator at International Space University since 1998.

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