Executive Vice President (for Research)

Motoko Kotani

 The Moonshot Research and Development Program is a large-scale national research and development program with funding of over 100 billion yen for up to 10 years. It aims to link the results of original basic research originating in Japan to ‘disruptive innovation’. The purpose is not to expand upon existing technology, but to conduct challenging research and development based on daring ideas.


 As shown by the recent Nobel laureates for Japanese scientists, Japan’s scientific capabilities are still highly regarded around the world. Japan has a responsibility to meet the expectations that it will lead the world in science and technology, and the Moonshot Program constructs a model for projects that are open to the world. I think there are two keys to success. One is to bring together the knowledge that top-level researchers possess, and the other is to stimulate their freedom to challenge themselves.
To achieve this success, it is expected that not only Japanese researchers will participate in this program, but also outstanding researchers and students from all over the world.


 It is also expected that young researchers, by participating in this kind of international joint research project, will be able to play an active role on the global stage. Today, we see great changes all around us, and it is very important to incorporate the new values and ideas that young researchers can offer. Through this moonshot program, it is highly expected that young Japanese researchers, along with top-level researchers, will play an active role on the world stage with the freedom to seek fresh approaches.


 Through the projects adopted at Tohoku University, we wish to realize the abovementioned ideals and to we also wish to contribute to the creation of disruptive innovation originating in Japan and to encourage the active participation of young researchers. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.