【Event Report】“Frontier Research in Duo (FRiD)”Public seminar

“Frontier Research in Duo (FRiD)” public seminar was held.


 On September 28, Tohoku University held a public seminar titled “Frontier Research in Duo (FRiD)” online, which was attended by more than 100 people, including citizens and people from both inside and outside the university.
 Since its foundation 114 years ago, Tohoku University has been committed to “Research First” and is one of the leading research universities in Japan. In 2030, Tohoku University established the Frontier Research in Duo (FRiD) program as an internal project to promote challenging research aimed at opening up the frontiers of world-leading research. The purpose of this seminar was to present the latest research results of the nine research projects started at the time of the establishment of the program in 2019, and to widely publicize the university’s projects both inside and outside the university.
 Following the opening remarks by President Ohno of Tohoku University, the nine principal investigators of this project gave lectures on budding and ambitious projects that could become trends in 10 to 15 years.
The seminar concluded with closing remarks by Dr. Kotani, Executive Vice President (Research) of Tohoku University.
 The participants commented that the seminar was very informative, with interesting research content that showed the diversity and future potential that only a fusion of different fields can offer. It was a very meaningful seminar.


【Event Information】
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Greetings from President Ohno of Tohoku University


Lecture by each principal investigator