The submission portal for the call of papers on “Research Challenges of Slip Resistance Measurements” is open.

Dear colleagues,

The submission portal for the call of papers on “Research Challenges of Slip Resistance Measurements”  in Frontiers in Public Health is open.

This Research Topic is principally focused on broadening the knowledge base and developing new concepts and ideas on which improvements in the validity and reliability of slip resistance measurements might be made. To achieve this goal, this Research Topic will cover extensive themes on industry/public falls safety developments such as:

1) Engineering/tribology approach to measuring slip resistance properties;
2) Slip resistance (anti-slip) properties of floor/walkway surfaces;
3) Controls of contamination, cleaning, and maintenance;
4) The function of footwear and slip resistance shoes;
5) FEM and 2D/3D computational modelling for the interfaces amongst shoes, floors, and environments;
6) Stair falls and prevention;
7) Preventing slip, trips, and falls.

This Research Topic also welcomes papers on all other areas of falls prevention and related topics, including gait dynamics and slip resistance, biomechanics and friction controls, falls from heights, stair falls, etc.

Best regards,

Sophia Yue Li, PhD

Co-chair of IEA’s Slips, Trips, and Falls (STF) Technical Committee

Call for papers: Frontiers in Public Health

Dear colleagues,

Dr. In-Ju Kim, Dr. Thurmon Lockhart and Dr. Sophia Yue Li are planning a Special Collection proposal that will be submitted to “Frontiers in Public Health”. The topic of the proposed Special Collection is slip resistance measurements (and related slip and fall research). Frontiers in Public Health is a multidisciplinary open-access journal that publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research and is at the forefront of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries to researchers, academics, clinicians, policymakers and the public worldwide. The journal aims at overcoming current fragmentation in research and publication, promoting consistency in pursuing relevant scientific themes, and supporting finding dissemination and translation into practice.

If you are interested in contributing an article to this Special Collection, please contact Dr. Sophia Yue Li at

As a platform for exchanging up-to-date information on fall prevention and discussing various Slips, Trips and Falls (STF) research topics, STF Technical Committee would like to encourage you to consider this opportunity and looks forward to hearing your feedback.


Sophia Yue Li, PhD

Co-chair of IEA’s Slips, Trips, and Falls (STF) Technical Committee

International Conference on Slips, Trips, and Falls 2022 -Call for Abstracts now open!

The call for Abstracts is now open!
The International Conference on Slips, Trips, and Falls (STF) will be held in Sendai, Japan, from July 22 to July 23, 2022. This conference is hosted by IEA STF TC and is endorsed by IEA.

You can now submit your abstracts  (250-500 words) outlining your contribution to the topical area via the conference website, which is regularly updated.

Important dates
Abstract submission opens: September 15, 2021
Abstract submission due: December 31, 2021

Topics of this conference may include:

  • Falls prevention
  • Architectural design
  • Analysing accidents and determining the causes of falls
  • Human/Behavioural Factors
  • Biomechanics
  • Postural control
  • Nursing home
  • Ageing
  • Fall from height/stairs
  • Ergonomics, rehabilitation and assistance products
  • Measurement principles and technology
  • Footwear and flooring
  • National and international safety standards
  • Other – You are not limited to the topics identified above

Please feel free to share this information with colleagues.
For all questions on this conference, please contact conference secretariat at

IEA STF Technical Committee Webinar on Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace

Shaw (IEA STF technical committee lead for workplace falls prevention) will deliver a webinar entitled ‘Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Workplace’ on the 16th of September 2021. The webinar will cover:
• The importance of good evidence
• The slip resistance of flooring
• Contamination and cleaning
• The role of footwear
• Preventing trips
• Preventing stair falls
This webinar will be of interest to anyone involved in preventing falls but will have particular relevance to health and safety managers, facilities management teams, estates teams and building designers.

Rob Shaw
Rob Shaw is a falls prevention expert with more than 17 years’ experience providing scientific expertise to the UK regulator, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), as well as commercial consultancy and training in the UK and overseas. Rob was the Technical Team Lead for the Falls Prevention Team at HSE. As a key member of HSE’s falls prevention forensic investigation team, he undertook and oversaw a wide range of incident investigations relating to pedestrian slip assessment and stair fall assessment in many different industries. Rob has served as the key investigator and project leader on a diverse range of major HSE research projects into various aspects of fall prevention and has helped a wide range of commercial clients successfully reduce falls.
Rob has over 15 years’ experience in developing and delivering bespoke training, which has resulted in invitations to speak internationally on falls prevention. In 2018, Rob established Rob Shaw (TFG) Associates Ltd. Though slips, trips and falls are commonly seen as unavoidable in many industries, it is Rob’s experience that, with the correct scientific evidence, simple interventions can have a significant impact on risk, improve safety for the workforce and members of the public, and reduce business costs significantly.