Newly selected “Frontier Research in Duo (FRiD)” proposals

Tohoku University established the research project “Frontier Research in Duo (FRiD)” in September 2019, and has promoted nine projects from 2019 to the present.


This project aims to create new values and new research areas by supporting challenging research that could become a trend in 10-15 years or research that is in the early stages of generating budding ideas, in order to strongly promote the development of research frontiers and the creation of research areas that will lead the world in the future.


The program consists of a research group consisting mainly of two researchers (duo) from different departments, including a partner from an overseas research institution. The University’s own financial resources will support 5-10 million yen per research project per year for five years.


We have recently made a public call for new projects, and after a rigorous screening process, we have selected two proposals from 16 ambitious applications that seek to create new fields. Both research projects are cross-disciplinary and include researchers from overseas institutions, so it is expected that they will take an international leadership role in the future. The international collaboration supported by this program is expected to strongly promote the development of new research frontiers and the creation of new research areas.


The university will continue to support challenging research by ambitious researchers with free and original ideas.


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