Tilak Dutta

Tilak Dutta
The KITE Research Institute, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health

Dr. Tilak Dutta is a Scientist at KITE Research Institute, the research arm of Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network and holds cross-appointments at the University of Toronto at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Sciences Institute. The goal of Dr. Dutta’s Engineering Health team is to give individuals with disabilities and their caregivers the tools they need to realize their full potential. His team’s ongoing projects include:

  • Preventing falls on icy surfaces with advanced winter footwear and novel composite materials
  • Understanding tripping risk on outdoor walkways through measurement of minimum foot clearance
  • Preventing caregiver back pain through a wearable training tool called PostureCoach
  • Preventing pressure injuries for bed-bound individuals at home using repositioning prompting systems
  • Improving accessibility of Canada’s National Parks
  • Revising emergency evacuation guidelines for individuals with disabilities