Sophia (Yue) Li

Sophia (Yue) Li, Co-Chair
The KITE Research Institute, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network, Canada

Dr. Sophia (Yue) Li received a B.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Dalian Transportation University, an M.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Montreal – Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal. In her role as staff scientist and Manager of Partnerships & Strategic Projects at the KITE Research Institute of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network, Dr. Li’s accountabilities include research institute strategy development and implementation, building collaborative research capacity worldwide, cultivating internal and external research and commercialization partnerships. Dr. Li has accumulated over twenty years of expertise in rehabilitation and biomedical engineering research and had made significant advances in solving practical problems for an ageing population and people who struggle with different forms of disability. Dr. Li’s research focuses on assistive technology, the impact of weather and building environment on safety and accessibility, and human factor aspects of fall prevention. Dr. Li is the Co-Chair of the STF (Slips, Trips and Falls) Technical Committee of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA); and the member of the TCMSBEA (Technical Committee for a Model Standard for the Built Environment – Accessibility) of Accessibility Standards Canada, the Accessibility Advisory Panel Transportation Services of the City of Toronto, the CSA Standards Committee (Z195 Protective footwear), and the ASTM Standards Committee (F13 Pedestrian/Walkway Safety).